Winter Maintenance Tips

Winter Maintenance Tips

Winter car maintenance is essential care that gets your car ready to face tough weather conditions. The plummeting temperatures and harsh weather conditions affect your car in many ways. Winter climate conditions can cause irreversible damage that can be avoided by following these winter maintenance tips given below.

Ensure the Windshield Wiper Fluid is Full

If the windshield wiper fluid reservoir is empty, the cold temperature can corrode and damage the reservoir and the pump making it non-functional. During the winter season, you will often need the wiper fluid to clear the ice and snow on the windshield. If the wiper fluid reservoir is empty, you won’t be able to clean the windshield when the need arises.

Add Coolant to Radiator

The coolant protects the car’s engine from freezing. Experts recommend a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water during warmer months. During the winter, the ratio of antifreeze and water can be 60/50. Since antifreeze concentration decreases with time, you can add more coolant (antifreeze) compound in the radiator.

Remove All-Season Tires

All-season tires are built for a warmer climate. These tires do not provide adequate traction performance when the temperature falls below freezing. When the surroundings become colder, the tread rubber hardens and acts like a plastic ball. This means that the tires just roll on the road and there is no responsiveness or traction performance. Winter tires provide good traction performance on snow and icy roads. Their tread rubber stays soft even at extremely cold temperatures.

Clean the Lights

In the winter season, the days are shorter and the sun does not shine as bright. During the winter, you will need lights more often while driving your car even during the daytime or evening. Make sure all lights are working properly. Check the headlights, brake lights and turn lights. If any light is not working, change the bulb. Check the beam of the headlight and make sure the illumination is bright. If the headlights are dirty, foggy or have turned yellow, clean the headlights.

Get Your Car Serviced

The biggest concern during the winter is the salt that is put on the roads. If you do not have the time or have not washed your car for awhile, get your car serviced at a garage you trust. Ask the garage staff to give your car a thorough wash. This will remove any dirt that gets stuck to the undercarriage which causes rust.

Check the Tire Pressure

As the temperature drops, the tire pressure also decreases. During the winter, you can maintain a slightly higher tire pressure (1-3 psi higher) than recommended. Driving on underinflated tires hastens tread rubber wear.

Check Heater

During the winter, you will need an efficient heating system to keep the cabin warm. There can be several causes for failure of the heating system. For example, a non-working blower fan, less coolant in the radiator or leaks in the cooling system. Get the heating system checked from a professional to make sure it is working properly.

Before the winter weather takes hold and causes lots of problem in your car, get your winter maintenance done to keep your car in good condition.