Do I Need to Take My Car to the Dealership I Purchased it From for Service?

Do I Need to Take My Car to the Dealership I Purchased it From for Service?

If you’ve purchased a new car, you will be required to service it sooner or later. The big question that many car owners have is where to take the car for service. Do you bring it to the dealership or a nearby service center? Don’t worry, you are not alone with this question. Here we explore different options that you have to service your car.

Where Can You Take the Car for Service?

You can take the car for service to any auto service center you trust. The dealership is also a good place to take your car for service though it is not obligatory like some car owners think. However, there are certain advantages of taking the car for service to the dealership.

Expertise: Today’s car are complicated machines. It is not easy to change the oil or rotate the tires. The dealership has the necessary infrastructure, special tools and qualified technicians to service your car in the right way.

OEM Parts: The car manufacturer’s warranty mentions using OEM parts to perform repairs. The warranty also specifies that sub-standard parts can lead to warranty coverage becoming void. When you take a car to the dealership for service, you can rest assured they will use OEM parts for repairs that will keep the warranty intact. OEM parts also carry warranties and dealers will honor the warranties for the parts they use.

Quality Guarantee: Repairs that fall under different warranty coverages are free for the car owner. It means the auto manufacturer pays for the parts and labor. Since the dealer backs the factory warranty, all repair work done under factory warranty coverage is done for free. The dealership also guarantees workmanship to meet the manufacturer’s specifications. You won’t get such a quality guarantee at a garage on your street.

Maintenance Records: When you service your car at the dealership, they have all maintenance records of your car. If any fault develops in the engine or power transmission, the dealership will not raise concerns over maintenance as you have serviced your vehicle with them. If the car is serviced at another place, you need to document maintenance records and produce them when asked by the dealership for repairs under warranty coverage.

Why Is General Maintenance Important?

As per your factory warranty, you need to perform general maintenance on a timely basis to keep the car in great condition. If you fail to perform regular maintenance, the auto manufacturer may deny repairs that are covered under manufacturer’s warranty. The owner’s manual clearly mentions this condition. Hence, you should not neglect general maintenance at any cost. If you find it inconvenient to take your car for service at the dealership, you can take the car to a service center you trust. However, you need to ensure the service center has qualified technicians who can perform maintenance as per manufacturer’s specifications.

What is Included in General Maintenance?

Some general maintenance items include checking and maintaining recommended fluid levels, oil changes, maintaining right air pressure in tires, checking and cleaning filters, and several other things.