Helpful Tips to Prepare Your Car for Cooler Weather

Helpful Tips to Prepare Your Car for Cooler Weather

Rust is stubborn and takes a while to get it off anything it sits on. But you could get keep the rust away from your car this winter by following these simple tips. This would especially suit your needs if you have a rare car or even a fragile one. These tips can help slow down the oxidation process.


Every car is built with a drain so make sure to locate it. Their function is to keep away water from entering the inside of the vehicle and to avoid rusting in the process. Although, what happens sometimes is that these drains are often choked with leaves and dirt, making it difficult to keep away the water. Make sure to locate the drain, which is usually located near the tailgate. You will also want to find the drains at the sunroof too which is mostly toward the corners. Make sure to have all drains unclogged before the winter.


Vehicles don’t always look the same after the winter, especially if the color of the car makes it obvious. The sheet metal on the vehicle is prone to splashes of mud, dirt, salt and everything possible. The finish of your car may look different after the winter if you don’t maintain it well through the season. You should consider running it down with water at least once every two weeks to clean off any salt or dirt.


While you’ve considered washing up the outside of the vehicle, cleaning the interior is equally important. The salt and moisture that come in with your shoes and other objects can cause it to rust over a period of time. Instead, you should think about investing in decent floor mats to protect the flooring. Additionally, you should also consider vacuuming the interior often to keep away sand or any kind of dirt.

Oil Undercoat

One trick of having your vehicle survive the harsh winters is by simply considering the oil undercoat. The traditional approach of the undercoat is done by a simple pressure wash of the underside of the vehicle. This is followed by the oil spray, collected from various equipments through the year. The underbody is then sprayed with the atomized oil, including the frame rails, inside doors and fenders. It’s no doubt an absolute messy job, and if you don’t feel like going through the hassle yourself, bring your vehicle to your trusted service department.


There’s nothing like Waxoyl if you can find it. While oil does a good job with the vehicle, it is often wiped off with water. Waxoyl, on the other hand, works much better when compared to oil. Recognized as a wax product for vehicles, it helps protect the underbody of the car. This product is usually available in two formulas so be sure to check what kind would best suit your vehicle. You could either ask a local vendor or browse the internet to make your purchase, either way, you should find help.