Tips to Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer

Tips to Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer

With each passing year, the dreary summer torture doesn’t seem to go away, especially when it comes to those dreaded car journeys. Summers are by far the worst possible season as far as traveling in your vehicle is concerned. The hot exterior coupled with the stuffy interior can really get on your nerves if not tackled effectively. Here are a few tips that will put you out of your misery and make sure that you always travel in nothing less than a cool car.

Choose Some Shade

The rule of thumb for keeping your car cool in the summer is to always find a parking spot that is as hidden away from the sun as possible. Always park your car in a spot where there are adequate shade and coverage. Whenever you’re at home, park your car in the garage, even if you have to take extra efforts. This makes your travel a lot more comfortable since the sun doesn’t get to your car and turn it into a steaming pot.

Cover the Seating

If you’re left with no choice but to park in an area where your car is directly exposed to the sun, make sure that you have a set of cotton sheets or blankets stored in your trunk. Whenever your car is directly under the scorching heat, cover your heat consuming vinyl or leather seats with these sheets or blankets in order to form a protective layer that will absorb all possible heat. This will make sure that as soon as you come back to your car after a long time, there will be no cringe-worthy and burn-inducing moments to face whilst sitting in the seats. Just fold the sheets and put them away in the trunk until next time.

A/C Vent Cup Holders

In case you’re in the need of a cold drink or you’ve been traveling for a long time in the sun and the water you kept in the car has become boiling hot, all you need to do is get an A/C vent cup holder installed and you’re set! The holder which is essentially attached to where the A/C vent is, will cool up your drinks in just a matter of minutes, and help in keeping them cool throughout.

Extra Coolant

Summers are the time when the system and inner workings of a car are also most likely to be affected by the intense, scorching heat. In order to prevent possible damage to the mechanical workings of the car, always make sure that you have a spare bottle of coolant or antifreeze liquid stowed away in your trunk. If your car runs out of the existing coolant, it can cause your engine to overheat, leading to a possible chance of malfunction. That’s why it’s wise to make sure that you have extra coolant in case the need of a refill arises in the cooling system.

These are a few easy yet essential hacks that will make sure that your car remains cool and your journeys remain comfortable throughout the summer!