Essential Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

Essential Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

Being a pet owner, you probably want to travel everywhere with your lovely four-legged companion. However, it isn’t easy to plan this trip. A lot has to be done before you hit the road. Whether you own a dog or cat, there are many preparations to be done to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for everyone. Here are some tips to follow.

Begin with Small Steps

Before embarking on a long journey, you should begin taking your pet on shorter trips around the city in your car. These trips for two to four hours daily can help in the acclimatization of your pet with real travel conditions. It is a test of its behavior and reactions during road journeys. If your pet behaves well and doesn’t show any signs of motion sickness or anxiety, you can take it along without a second thought. However, if things don’t work well, leaving it behind is a better option for both of you.

Look For a Proper Vehicle

If it is a go ahead on the journey with your pet, it is extremely important to pick the right vehicle that suits its travel requirements. Firstly, the vehicle should be comfortable and secondly, it should be safe. There must be ample space in the rear side to carry your pet with all its essentials. Preferably, invest in a used car that comes with a lower hatch, rear lift gates and low heights to allow easy access and exit for pets. By choosing a pre-owned car, you can save some money to invest in additional features like cargo tie-downs for carrying your dog’s kennel, flat folding seats and rear air-conditioning.

Be Safe When Driving

Driving with pets can be risky if the animal is let loose. In many cases, pets have shown a tendency to jump over the seats and get into serious trouble. They not only cause distractions but also injure themselves or fellow passengers. The best solution is to restrain them safely in the backseat using crates or harnesses. While harnesses are easy to attach to child car seat anchors, you can use crates if you are traveling in an SUV. It is important to strap down the carrier for keeping your pets safe and comfortable.

Don’t Forget a Travel Kit

There are some essentials that your pet can’t simply do without. They should be carried wherever it goes. You should give some time and forethought to preparing your pet’s travel kit. It should be well-stocked with food, a leash, vaccination records, medications, first aid, waste scoop, plastic bags, a favorite toy and an eating bowl. You should also carry water bottles to keep it hydrated and healthy throughout the trip.

Find Pet-Friendly Hotels to Stay

When traveling with your pet, it is always better to plan your stay in a pet-friendly hotel or campground. You should inquire about pet policies and charges of any accommodation before seeking reservation. If you cannot book a hotel in advance, you can do it on the go using your vehicle’s integrated navigation system that shows all the pet-friendly hotels with their pet policies.

With these tips, planning a road trip and taking your pet along will be a breeze.