Should You Trade Your Car or Sell it Privately?

Should You Trade Your Car or Sell it Privately?

You’ve made up your mind and have finally decided to let go of your current vehicle. Although, it’s not that easy to sell your car privately since there’s a lot that goes into the process. While a trade-in could literally be done in a day, selling your car privately could take weeks or even months. You need to be patient until the right deal walks your way when selling privately. Before you start out with the process, make sure to get all the required paperwork done. Make a point to get everything in order, starting with the title of the vehicle.


Before selling your car, it is important that you understand the total value of the vehicle. If you’re not sure about this bit, have a dealer or mechanic check out the car and help you understand its worth or actual cost.


Take the time to clean every little spot of the car. You could either take it in for a detail service or do it yourself to save on the cost. A clean vehicle will always invite more buyers. It would also be a great idea to wax the exterior of the vehicle or even remove any stickers pasted over the body of the vehicle. The car should ideally be clean and ready to be given away.


Make sure to list your vehicle over a genuine website, one such as In doing so, make sure to be as honest as possible when writing a description of the vehicle. Your buyer wants to see the car just the way it was described. Avoid flowery descriptions and keep it simple, crisp, to the point and add as many images as you can. If you’re bad at taking pictures, have a friend help you with this. Make sure to snap images from different angles and do so during the day so you have quality images to put on the website. This is your chance to make your vehicle shine so be sure to advertise it well.

For better chances, consider posting the advertisement over your social media profiles as well, like Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram. You could also have your friends share your posts on these social media sites for better visibility or coverage. There are several sell/buy groups on Facebook that permit such postings and also work as a great platform for sellers and buyers to meet.


Always place your safety over anything, especially when it comes to vehicle deals. The world is no saint and there are plenty of scammers out there. Make sure to share limited contact details with your potential buyers unless they seem genuine. Take some time to get to know them and have a background check done, if possible. You could even ask for the buyer’s driving license or some sort of identification card before allowing them to take the vehicle on a test-drive. If you would prefer, have a friend or family accompany you on the test-drive with the buyer.

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