Should I Sell My Car to a Dealership?

Should I Sell My Car to a Dealership?

Whether you’re selling your car because you have to or you had pre-planned on selling it at this time, you’re probably wondering where to start!

Well, to start with, you’ll need to have your car assessed or valued at a few different locations, so you can be sure to set a good asking price for your car. You can do that at your car service center or at any dealership.

Which Dealership Should I Go To?

You can go to any dealership for a valuation. They will do it for free and will be willing to give you a written copy of it. A key tip is that if you have a Volkswagen, you probably won’t get a great quote at a BMW dealership. Try and stick to the same manufacturer dealership and also try a couple of multi-brand dealers to land the best quote.

Now that you have a quote in hand, you’re equipped to negotiate a good price with either an individual buyer or with another dealership.

Selling Privately

If you wish to sell privately, you’ll need to read up as much as you can on advertising, safety measures when talking to potential buyers, screening of buyers and relevant paperwork to finish the sale. The process will typically take anywhere from a week to several months depending on the type of car you own.

Your experience with your first sale will give you a number of useful tips on the how-to’s and what car to buy next.

What Type of Car Do You Own?

Some cars such as a Toyota, a Subaru or a Lexus have great resale value according to Kelley Blue Book. You also stand to gain a great resale price if you own a pickup or a midsize SUV. If you have any of these that are about five years old or less, you should be getting a great price for them at dealerships as well as privately, compared to other makes and models.

Why bother looking into resale value? This is because dealers will offer better prices if they know that the make and model you own will have a good demand for it. Furthermore, individual buyers will most likely be looking for a car that’s reliable and has a good track record rather than taking a chance on an older car or one that’s not known for its reliability.

In addition, if your car is not so pretty to look at in terms of color, dents, scratches, condition of the tires and the general condition of the car, most serious buyers will pass over it. However, dealerships, especially multi-brand ones, are happy to take on any car regardless of the condition it’s in.

On the whole, it’s a lot easier and less time consuming to sell your car to a dealership than to go about doing it on your own. Unless you’re an expert on cars or would just like to give it a shot, the you should give selling privately a chance instead.