Which Is Better: Manual or Automatic Transmissions?

Which Is Better: Manual or Automatic Transmissions?

The transmission in your car has an important role to play. It transfers the power generated by the engine to the wheels. There are two types of transmission: manual and automatic and there is always a debate about which is better. Here we have compared manual and automatic transmission which will help you arrive at a decision.

Difference Between Manual and Automatic Transmissions

A manual transmission has a gearbox with typically five to six gears and a reverse gear that gives you complete control over the car. A car with a manual transmission will have a gear stick that is used to change gears, used in unison with a clutch pedal.

A car with an automatic transmission does not have a gear stick or a clutch pedal. Cars with automatic transmissions have several mode Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive gears. It only means you have to think about going forward or backward in direction and shifting to the right mode. The car itself will select the right gear depending on the speed and road conditions. 

Advantages of Manual Transmissions

  • As mentioned earlier, better vehicle control is the main advantage of a manual transmission. With a manual transmission, you decide when to change gears. No computer thinks well than the human mind and you know better about driving and shifting gears. 

  • Shifting the gears by self establishes a personal connection with the car and engine and you know what is happening. In a manual transmission, there is a direct connection between driveshaft and crankshaft. The whole process is precise and constant and there is neither clutch designed to slip nor any torque convertor. 

  • Vehicles with manual transmission offer better flexibility. You can always anticipate situations and shift gears. For example, if you need a boost, you can select a lower gear. 

  • Manual transmissions have fewer maintenance costs. This is because a manual transmission system is simple and it has only mechanical gears that drivers need to engage to control the vehicle.

Advantages of Automatic Transmissions 

  • The first thing you will experience in a car with an automatic transmission is that is easier to drive. You don’t need to press the clutch or find the right gear. The automatic transmission shifts to the right gear which allows you to concentrate more on the road. 

  • Driving in start-stop traffic or slow-moving traffic is easier with an automatic transmission. You will experience a smoother transition in gears that makes the ride smoother 

  • Since the automatic transmission system has less grinding gears, it has less probability of failure due to regular grinding and wear and tear of the components inside the gearbox. 

Fuel Economy: Manual Transmission Versus Automatic Transmission 

  • Manual transmissions were considered more fuel-efficient as it allowed lower RPMs. In older cars, you would usually get a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission. However, this has changed now and cars now have six-, eight- and 10-speed automatic transmission systems.

  • A manual transmission system is lighter than an automatic transmission. This is because manual transmissions have fewer parts than their automatic counterparts. 

Which Is Better? 

You can see both transmission systems have their advantages and disadvantages. The right transmission system for you depends on two factors: your driving style and type of vehicle you are looking at.