How to Clean Pollen Off Your Car

How to Clean Pollen Off Your Car

Spring might be the season of love and beauty, but it is also the season of sneezes and allergies. You can blame all that discomfort on pollen. Because it is microscopic, pollen can ride on the air and squeeze its way into your respiratory system. People who have sensitive allergies should be careful to keep their house and car clean. To reduce your allergy woes, here are a few essential ways to keep pollen off your car.

Anti-Pollen Pack

Before spring, take a few precautions to protect your car from pollen before it hits. When pollen accumulates on a car, it will leave stains over time. Professional cleaners will put a wax polish over a car as a protective coating before the pollen comes out in full force. It resists pollen oxidation and helps prevent the dust from sticking to the paint, keeping your car radiant and good as new.

Go for Specialized Pollen Washes

During spring, most car washes offer packages that specifically target pollen. These companies focus on the pollen that sticks to the inside and outside of the car, and wash every crevice of the car to ensure that no particles accumulate over time. Normally, a thorough vacuum of the upholstery, dashboard, and floor mat comes with these packages.

People sensitive to pollen might notice their vision is affected during the spring, which is known as allergic rhinitis. It is primarily caused pollen that seeps into the inside of your car. It might have found its way through the door or window, or it might have seeped in through the ventilation ducts. Early in the morning and at dusk, keep your windows rolled up and keep your air filters clean. Having a clean air filter can reduce the chances of allergy attacks.

A Few Other Things to Check Under the Hood

Keeping a clean car always reduces the risk of any pollen allergy. There are a few pieces under the hood of your car you should keep tabs on. Make sure to pop up your hood and check on these parts:

Check if your fuel filter needs to be replaced

Clean your fuel injection system

Keep a close eye on your air filter

Proper emission testing

If you follow all these steps, you will keep you and your car safe from pollen.