How To Choose The Best CPO Plan

How To Choose The Best CPO Plan

After a lot of contemplation, have you decided to purchase a used vehicle rather than go for a brand-new one, and save the rapid loss of value in the form of depreciation? It is a good call you have made there, that can become a lot better if you choose a CPO vehicle.

CPO Vehicle

Certified Pre-Owned cars are vehicles that have undergone scrutiny by the original equipment manufacturer or their franchised dealership. These cars are put through a detailed inspection and get an upgrade in technology, features and the necessary damaged components repaired and refurbished.


This certification process will put additional cost on the manufacturer or the dealer, which is why CPO vehicles are more expensive than used cars. But, in this competitive market, it may seem a bit perplexing to pick a car that suits you.

Some Tips:

Let this list of tips be a guide to your selection method.

  • Look for the type of warranty. If it is a third-party coverage, be extra cautious while reading the contract and understand what you are about to sign.

  • OEM sponsored or original equipment manufacturer means the brand that releases the vehicle backs the CPO program. These are called factory warranties, which ensure that your vehicle is fully covered and you get almost similar benefits to that of a new vehicle released by the same brand.

  • Most brands use a point system to describe the rigorous inspection they put the vehicles through. A list of components is handed to you during the purchase.

  • Vehicle history is also provided for free in some plans, which lets you have a peak at the past owner’s habits of driving and maintenance. Compare this with the inspection report and if you see any major repair or cosmetic corrections amiss, you can ask for revamping too.


Always do your research on your own ahead of the actual purchase, either on the internet or you can rely on your friends who have opted to buy CPOs. You should also take into consideration that you can even lease a CPO, which gives you the chance to trade in for a better model with the same dealer at the end of your lease.

You will get great value for the additional cost over used cars that you have chipped in for CPO purchase in the form of extra incentives like:

  • Limited warranty on all parts, up to a certain number of years or miles covered.

  • Paid travel expenses, if your trip gets unexpectedly interrupted.

  • Technology upgrade and free trials on some features.

  • Coverage for internal parts prone to wear and tear.

  • Repairs undertaken at almost all dealerships nationwide.

  • Buyback option.

  • Affordable and attractive finance programs with as low as zero percent interest.

Do your homework before you zero-in on any vehicle. The certification aims to please the buyer of the vehicle, both in terms of performance, efficiency and appearance. Never compromise on your requirements and consider as many options as available and choose the right program.