Holiday Road Trip Travel Tips

Holiday Road Trip Travel Tips

If you have a road trip in mind this holiday season, then you need to make sure your vehicle is road trip ready. Don’t let unexpected vehicle trouble ruin your fun. Just follow these road trip ideas, and you should be good to go.

Bring the Right Environment In Your Vehicle

Because you will be spending most of the time in your car during a road trip, it is essential that the environment in your vehicle is designed for maximum comfort and entertainment.

This means, adjusting your seat for better comfort, having entertainment supplies such as audio books, movies and portable games. Go hands-free by placing your smartphone and GPS on the dashboard, and have plenty of healthy snacks and water bottles handy.

Also, make sure that you fill up on supplies at each stop so that you don’t run out. 

Make the Most of Technology

Having the right gadgets can make your road trip safer and more enjoyable. Here is what we recommend are a must for a road trip.

  • Navigation Systems – There are many navigation apps available that allow you to download maps on your smartphone before you begin your road trip. This way, even when you don’t get reception, the app can guide you.

  • E-Z Pass – For road trips that will take you through toll gates, it is a good idea to invest in an E-Z pass. It can be purchased online before you begin your trip.

  • Splitter – When you have more than one device that needs to be charged on the go, then you must consider getting a splitter.

  • Smartphone Holder – So, you have a great navigation app, but you also need to make sure that your mount your smartphone close to you on the dashboard to use the app hands-free. So, get a smartphone holder.

Become an AAA Member

An AAA membership will come in handy in case any emergency automobile requirements come up during your road trip. Apart from towing, tire changes, battery replacement, etc., the AAA membership will also get you detailed maps and tour books that can provide valuable information about the places you are planning to visit.

Many AAA offices are also authorized to sell automobile liability insurance, auto registration, notary services and provide travel agency services.

Pack an Emergency Kit

With cold weather comes battery problems. It is best to pack and automobile emergency kit that includes jumper cables, flashlights, batteries, flares and a portable jump starter. This will make sure that you can carry on with your road trip without much delay.

Bring Your Insurance Cards and Other Documents

Ensure that your documents are current and in the glove compartment before you hit the road. This should include registration, driver’s license and insurance cards.

Another essential tip to bear in mind is to pay all your traffic tickets before you plan your road trip. You don’t want your license suspended because of unpaid traffic tickets.

With these tips, you can now plan a safe and merry road trip this holiday season. Little things make a big difference, and you need to take care of those little things before you hit the road.