How to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

How to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

Winter is finally over and it is time for spring. Getting your car ready for planned spring vacations seems like a small task and routine one at that. That may be so, but be sure to get a checklist of things together that need to be inspected or fixed.

1. Battery: Charge the battery fully. Winter drains the battery if the vehicle is not used much. Change the spark plugs if they seem faulty.

2. Tires: Check the tire pressure yourself or use a coin to find out if the tread depth has been reduced. Misalignment of tires can cause accidents, so rotate the tires or change them immediately.

3. Oil: Your oil and oil filter must be changed every 3,000 miles is no longer the recommendation. Check your owner’s manual to find out how often you have to change your oil and schedule an appointment before any long road trips.

4. Radiator and Coolant: Radiators heat up during the warmer weather, and just water is not enough as a coolant. Invest in a good coolant and add antifreeze to it. Antifreeze acts as a corrosion resistant.

5. Engine and Transmission: Check the engine and transmission, as well as all the hoses and serpentine belt. Be sure that everything is working great and that there are no leaks. Leaks not only reduce fuel efficiency, but are also the most prominent reason for roadside collisions.

6. Shock Absorbers and Brakes: Go for a drive to get to know the condition of your brake system. Get the feel of how the shock absorbers respond to bumps on the road. Are there any strange noises emerging from within the car? If so, bring your vehicle in to get checked.

7. Air-Conditioning: Warmer weather tends to escalate very soon as summer is also fast approaching. You will save yourself from any sudden surprises if you are prepared ahead of the hot season and check out your A/C for proper functioning.

8. Cabin Air Filter: Clean out the cabin air filter of any dust particles that have gathered in the hose. Replace it entirely if possible. Spring is the season most known for allergies, so you do not want to be caught in bouts of sneezes on the go.

9. Get Rid of Dead Weight: You might be carrying a lot of baggage from the colder season or things you hope to use in the future, but remember that excess weight damages your fuel efficiency.

10. Clean Up: Clean the inside and the outside thoroughly. Paint the surfaces to cover any scratches or minor dents. Be sure to clear the clutter from the trunk and clean the leather seats and dashboard. Plus, rinse and wash your floor mats.

These 10 golden tips will aid you in your preparation for spring rides. Some of these are chores you can easily do by yourself. Others need to be done by a car care professional. Now is not the time to think about expenses, after all, your car is your lifeline and if any major damage happens to it, you cannot hold it against yourself.

So, better be prepared for each season and change accordingly. Now, your car is ready for that road trip this spring.