5 Future Car Technologies That Stand a Chance

5 Future Car Technologies That Stand a Chance

Inventions like driverless cars and vehicles that can communicate with each other are emerging out of the realms of science fiction to become a reality. The potential scientific developments like robotics and internet of things have led to many substantial innovations in the automobile industry. The long-term future of this sector seems to be promising with a lot of technological features getting integrated into futuristic cars. It is hard to predict their net impact on society but there is ample optimism about their emergence in imminent times. In fact, these technologies are expected to reach the production lines very soon.

1. Autonomous Cars

The major players in the auto industry are looking to introduce fully autonomous vehicles in the next few years. With this development, we will usher in a driverless future where cars will be safer to drive on the road. From the stage of partial automation to conditional automation and subsequently, full automation, it has come a long way. These cars will be designed with cameras and sensors that will take over operations automatically. Also, companies are working to integrate this technology with biometrics to help cars in shifting to the self-driving mode when the driver gets to sleep or undergoes a medical emergency.

2. Cars That Will Talk to Each Other

The mesh of traffic on the road will find a solution in the form of vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology. Using these systems, cars will share their speed and location along with related data to make driving safer. They will contribute to the routing information and avoid collision by sending alerts to other vehicles nearby if a human error occurs. Very soon, cars will be manufactured with built-in V2V systems for enhanced driving experiences.

3. Augmented Reality

In the future, cars are expected to become smarter for identifying objects in front of the driver to display their information on the windshield. This windshield display will include basic information along with details about the distance of an external object from the car. It will overlay the information where the driver can experience it in real life. For example, if a car is approaching very fast, it will display a red box on the car and show you the right lane for avoiding a collision.

4. Airbags to Stop the Car

Airbags have made their way inside vehicles. Now, companies are trying to make them a part of active safety mechanisms by deploying them under the car. Using sensors, the friction coated airbags will slow down the speed of the car before a crash. In some cases, they may also lift the vehicle to counter the dipping motion when hard brakes are applied.

5. Panels Having Energy Storage

Many automakers are researching body panels that can double up as an energy storage device that charges faster than conventional batteries. They will be strong enough to provide protection to vehicles and flexible to be used as body panels. Most importantly, they will reduce the car weight and remove the issues related to hybrid batteries.

These are future car technologies that will soon change the way we drive our vehicles.