Essential Tools That You Must Keep in Your Car

Essential Tools That You Must Keep in Your Car

In the event of an emergency breakdown of your car, you should be prepared to tackle the situation with safety. Apart from routine maintenance and a car insurance policy, you need precautionary steps like keeping some essential tools available in your vehicle at all times. It is important to stay assured about your safety under stringent conditions. Here are some tools that you must have in your vehicle.

Life Hammer

Some car emergencies can go to extremes and endanger your life as well. You can escape and survive with little intelligence. In situations like a fire in the car or a vehicle getting plunging in water, all you need is a life hammer. This small tool is strong enough to break through the window glass and get away safely. It can be fixed to the driver’s seat using velcro or double-sided tape.


Nothing can prove more effective than a flashlight in a situation when your car breaks down during the odd night hours. Remember, emergencies are always unwarranted and you can’t really predict them. Since prevention is your only cure, you must keep a flashlight with extra batteries in your car. This light will not only help you to repair the issue but will also keep you safe.

Tire Pressure Gauge

If you suspect that the tire pressure is below its optimum limit in your car, it can turn into a nightmare. You can avoid such conditions with the help of a tire pressure gauge. This small tool with a cylinder and tab marked with PPI units will help in measuring the air pressure that emanates from your tires. You can also use this handy tool to inflate the tires. If you want easy operability, you can buy a digital pressure gauge as well.

Jumper Cables

If your car jams on a lonely road, jumper cables are your only respite. They are the easiest and the most accessible way to get out of the emergency. If the battery gets drained out, this cable can be attached to another car’s battery to ignite and jump-start the engine temporarily. Once started, you can drive it to the nearest mechanic or garage.

Flathead Screwdrivers

As a basic tool, it should always be there in your car at all times. No matter which car you drive, some of its components will always be susceptible to becoming loose due to their age or vibration while driving. This small issue can sometimes turn out to be fatal. You should be prepared with a flathead screwdriver and multiple sockets to tighten the screws immediately.

Strong Ropes or Tow Straps

Sometimes, your car may suffer from a sudden breakdown and it may need towing to get back on the road. It becomes easier if you have sturdy and heavy-duty tow straps handy in your car. These ropes or straps can be attached to another vehicle that will tow your car to the nearest mechanic.

Having these tools in your car can be a major relief during critical emergencies.