Driving Safety Tips for Your Teen

Driving Safety Tips for Your Teen

Teenage drivers are a high-risk group because they lack driving experience. However, following safe driving tips can reduce the risks of accident significantly. Here are some safe driving tips for your teen.

Drive Within the Speed Limit

Some teen road crashes happen due to speeding. Hence, you should tell your teen to always drive within the speed limit. The speed limit mentioned at different places on the road is there for specific reasons. They are intended to reduce the probability of accidents. Driving at a safe speed can help the teen driver to have good control of the car which reduces the risk of an accident.

Always Wear a Seat Belt

According to safety experts, wearing seat belts increases the chances of surviving an accident significantly. Wearing a seat belt is important for every person sitting inside the car. This is also applicable to the driver. The driver should wear a seat belt because, without a seat belt, he/she might be projected from the seat out the front windshield that might cause death. According to NHTSA, wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of death for a driver by 50%.

Practice Defensive Driving

Defensive driving refers to following a driving strategy that allows the driver to identify hazards in a predictable manner. You should ask your teen driver to be aware of the traffic situation at the front, back and on the sides, and always have possible escape routes in mind. For example, when driving at slower speeds, you should always maintain one car length behind the car in front of you. Similarly, when driving at higher speeds, you should ask your teen to maintain a larger buffer zone.

Limit Number of Teenage Passengers

This is not only a teen safety driving tip but also required by law. According to road safety laws, a teen driver cannot have more than one teen passenger in the car unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. This limit on passengers is levied because a teenage driver passenger increases the risk of an accident by 50%. In most states, the teenage driver is only allowed to drive with family members and relatives as passengers. Also, the teenage driver must be accompanied by a 25-year old license holder when driving with a teenage passenger.

No Electronic Devices While Driving

Road safety laws restrict drivers from using any electronic communication device while driving without hands-free mode. The statistics show using a cell phone while driving is one of the main reasons for accidents.

The above safe driving tips will keep your teen safe and secure and reduce the risk of “at fault accidents”.