Defeat the Spring Dust: Avoiding Common Spring Cleaning Mistakes

Defeat the Spring Dust: Avoiding Common Spring Cleaning Mistakes

With spring in full force, you will surely be thinking of giving your car a good wash. For springtime car cleaning to be worthwhile, it is necessary to avoid a few car cleaning mistakes.

Using Dishwashing Soap

Remember that dishwashing soap works well only on utensils. It has harsh chemicals that damage the luster of your car. Use a car wash solution instead. Car wash solutions produce a nice lather that helps to wash off the dirt on your car. They are mild and will not harm your car’s paint in any way. Pollen and other dust will be neatly encapsulated in the froth and washed away for good.

Not Removing Winter Tires And Incorrect Tire Cleaning

It may look obvious, but not everyone welcomes the spring with all-season tires. Not replacing winter tires can be damaging and dangerous. Winter tires are made from special rubber compounds that quickly wear down on an ice-free road.

Even with all-season tires, you must make sure that all the grime on the tires is washed off thoroughly. Avoid cheap products and opt for chemical-free branded ones instead. Use appropriate cleaning tools like a sturdy brush to scrub the hard grime off your vehicle’s tires.

Allowing Your Car to Dry Naturally

Ensure that you do not let your car to dry naturally. If you do, watermarks will appear on the car’s surface and all your efforts of car cleaning will have been in vain. Sometimes, these watermarks may become permanent on the car. Also, since the surface is wet, dust particles accumulate on the surface again and make it dirtier. Use microfiber cleaning cloths to dry every speck of water you can find on your car.

Never Waxing Your Car

Waxing is something that people consider to be insignificant. It is wrong to assume that your car can get by without a good wax. Professionals often recommend you wax your car at least twice a year. It is much needed for preserving the shiny exterior of your car. It also prevents pollen from collecting on your car. Consult a professional for advice on what type to use for your car.

Using Only One Washcloth for Washing Your Car

Have at least two sets of washcloths for car cleaning. Use one for washing and the second for drying. Consider using a microfiber cloth instead of a regular one. It can absorb and wash away the dirt much better than a common household towel. Avoid using the same cloth after dropping it on the ground, too. Every time the washcloth is dropped, there is the potential for harmful materials like dirt to get stuck on the inside of your cloth. They can cause scratch marks and damage your car’s paint.

Having a clean and sparkling car in the garage is what every car owner wishes for. Yet, spring season poses many challenges for which you may not be prepared. The trick is to avoid a few fundamental mistakes and ensure your car stays looking great.