The Benefits of an Extended Warranty

The Benefits of an Extended Warranty

When people buy a car, they are usually so excited about the purchase that they might not be thinking of warranties. Every car manufacturer offers a bumper-to-bumper warranty that will cover any repairs and maintenance for the predefined period which could be three years or five years. An extended warranty kicks in when the manufacturer warranty comes to an end. Here are some benefits of an extended warranty.

Modern Cars are Complex

The cars we drive today are far more complex and superior than cars built in the last five years. It’s not wrong to say that today’s cars have more lines of code than the first rocket engine built by humans. While advancement in automotive technology is a good thing, it adds more complexities and there is a higher risk of breakdowns. With repair costs always rising, it is always good to have some protection against unexpected car repairs. An extended warranty will ensure the you continue to have that protection even after the car manufacturer warranty expires.

Peace of Mind and Convenience

A car breakdown can be disruptive and also stressful. The majority of repairs generally arise after a period of four to five years when the factory warranty is not available. An extended warranty will provide you all the help you need. You will get money for a hotel, towing services, car rental and whatever else you need to get your car back on the road again. In simple words, an extended warranty protects you from the costs of unexpected breakdowns.

Budget Protection

Vehicle repairs can blow your budget out of proportion. A factory warranty is provided for three to five years and most vehicle owners keep their vehicle for many years after the expiration of the factory warranty. An extended warranty provides you all the protection you need. The extended warranty is like a mechanical breakdown protection that will cover engine repairs and also provide vehicle coverage.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

When you take the extended warranty, you can bring your car to the same place where it was serviced during the factory warranty. An extended warranty is like the strengthening of the relationship where your car ownership is valued and you get unmatched quality and service due to existing relationships.

Greater Car Value

The maintenance record plays an important role in the resale value of the car. A car that is well-maintained will interest the buyer and you are more likely to get a good resale value. A car that has an extended warranty is more likely to be in good condition as the owner will not be required to spend on expensive engine repairs. If the car owner has opted for an extended warranty, it also shows that the car owner values their car most and wants to keep it in great condition. Most car buyers are likely to see the maintenance record of the car and an extended warranty gives them assurance that they have chosen the right vehicle.

These are some of the benefits of an extended warranty for your car. Without any doubt, an extended warranty is a good protection product that saves you from unexpected repair costs.