5 Dangerous Driving Habits to Change

5 Dangerous Driving Habits to Change

No matter how advanced the safety features are in your vehicle, it is hard to avoid accidents if you drive dangerously. There are many dangerous driving habits that can make you prone to road fatalities. You can avoid these habits to stay safe by remaining attentive and responsive to real-time road conditions. Here are five such dangerous habits that you must break right away.

1. Not Using a Seat Belt

In many road accidents, it is found that drivers wearing seat belts are far safer than those not wearing them. Seat belts are often neglected when it comes to driving safely. If you also have this habit of driving without a seat belt, it’s time to do away with this practice. And, if you think that airbags can save you from accidents, they won’t work effectively unless you are wearing your seat belt. It is better to learn the proper method of wearing seatbelts and stay safe.

2. Driving after Drinking Alcohol

If you have a habit of driving after alcohol intake, you are not only vulnerable to road accidents but also liable to hefty penalties. Driving under alcoholic influence can be fatal for you because alcoholic substances restrict your vision and response time.

Never drive a vehicle when you are drunk and unable to handle the car. Follow the legal guidelines related to DWI or DUI in your state. Seek the help of a designated driver to reach your destination safely.

3. Fatigued Driving

After a stressful day or sleepless night, you may feel drowsy. This condition is never ideal to drive a vehicle. Drowsy driving is as dangerous as driving after alcohol intake. It restricts your ability to react and you may get involved in an accident.

The best way to break this habit is avoiding driving when sleepy or fatigued. Get proper sleep or stop for a short nap if you feel drowsy during a drive.

4. Speeding

A large number of accidents happen in this country due to speeding. Many drivers have this habit of driving their cars excessively fast on the road. If you’re one of them, you should break this habit for your well-being. There are permissible driving limits prescribed by the authorities. When you drive beyond these limits, you may lose control of the vehicle. At the same time, you should maintain proper distance from the vehicle in front of you.

It is better that you drive within permissible limits without losing your patience. This will save you from a dangerous situation and hefty penalties.

5. Distracted By Phone

In today’s connected world, it is hard to survive without your phone. However, you should put a limitation to its usage when driving a vehicle. It isn’t necessary to use your phone at every signal. This can distract you and lead to a crash on the road.

The best way is to keep your phone switched off while driving. If you can’t do away with your phone, use a hands-free device to make and receive calls and avoid texting on the go.

Refrain from these dangerous driving habits to stay safe on the road.