Five Classic Cars That Will Never Go Out of Style

Five Classic Cars That Will Never Go Out of Style

Classics are not made overnight. It takes years of consistent performance and a flawless design to earn the distinction of being a classic car. These vehicles carry an irresistible charm and you can drive them home as an exclusive masterpiece of engineering excellent and design perfection. There are some leading brands that have led to the revolutionized trends in this industry. Here are the top five cars from some of the bestselling brands.

1. Citroen DS

The mention of evergreen classics can’t be complete without the Citroen DS topping this list. It has the most inspirational design that was way ahead of its time. The unique French styling and world-class features of this vehicle redefined the automobile industry in a new fervor. It remained in production for 20 years and was a dominant market player for all those years. This trendsetter was revamped several times to match the competition. It is still admired by car aficionados around the globe.

2. Lamborghini Gallardo

With its iconic design and an impressive style, Lamborghini Gallardo transformed car markets forever. This car reflected the mechanical perfection of its maker, Lamborghini, and exuded charm with its state-of-the-art design. It remained in production lines for a period of nearly 10 years and remained unbeaten throughout this time. It became a pioneer for its brand with an advanced semi-automatic hydraulic transmission, too.

3. Toyota Corolla

The Corolla was launched as an exceptionally lightweight car in 1966. It instantly garnered fame with the power packed in its aerodynamic shape and fuel efficient engine. Over the years, it was revamped by Toyota resulting in many different variations, including the coveted AE86 model. The perfect balance of reliability, performance and style makes the Corolla one of the most desirable cars of all time and the trend continues until today. With the brand value of Toyota, it is a classic vehicle that’ll never fade away.

4. Honda Civic Si

Since it hit the roads in 1989, the Honda Civic Si became an all-time favorite for car buyers. It entered American and Japanese markets as a sports-injected model with many interesting features and specs. The Civic Si was designed with stiff sway bars, a six-speed manual transmission, and a powerful 2.0L engine. Through its production run of 30 years, this car has been redesigned several times, each time improving its functionality. However, the visual aesthetics of this car remain iconic despite these transformations.

5. Nissan Maxima

The luxurious styling and appealing design of the Nissan Maxima caught the eye of car lovers. The chassis code J30 Maxima was loaded with superior features for ultimate comfort when driving this machine on the highways. Impressive fuel efficiency was an additional feature. This Japanese model from Nissan became a pioneer for the midsize sedan and its futuristic design inspired many car makers over the next few years to imitate the Maxima.