10 Most Common Vehicle Repairs

10 Most Common Vehicle Repairs

Vehicle ownership comes with many challenges. Over time, your vehicle will wear down and become susceptible to several issues. You need to ensure proper and timely maintenance to stay ahead of the schedule. Here are the top 10 most common repairs needed by a car:

1. If the Brake Pads Break Down

The brakes of a car are commonly prone to severe wear and tear with consistent use. It is important to regularly inspect the brake pads and rotors for the efficiency of your vehicle. If they are worn, you should immediately replace the brake pads. Also, consider replacing them if the brakes make a loud noise.

2. If the Thermostat Wears Down

In cars, the thermostat is a device that can be worn with time. It tracks the temperature of the engine consistently to control the efficiency and performance of the vehicle. Whenever this defect is found, the thermostat should be replaced.

3. If the Oxygen Sensors Don’t Work

The oxygen sensors are installed in the exhaust system. They help hazardous gases like carbon monoxide to emanate from the engine. When the readings on your car’s odometer reach 50,000-60,000 miles, you should get them checked. They last longer with timely maintenance and repairs.

4. If the Catalytic Converter Fails

This is another component in the exhaust system, and it works like oxygen sensors to neutralize the hazardous carbon compounds. It is usually made to work for the lifetime of your vehicle. But, when other components in the exhaust are faulty, it also gets prone to damage.

5. If the Fuel Caps Get Loose

Over time with regular use, fuel caps in the engine of your vehicle may become loose. This is a cheap component that can be easily replaced by a certified mechanic. However, it should be regularly checked for a timely replacement.

6. If the Suspension System Becomes Faulty

Most modern cars are made with a soft suspension bushing that may get worn over time. If this happens to the suspension system in your car, you should consider repairing it properly. It can result in impeded performance and leaky shock absorbers. With timely repairs, you can avoid these damages.

7. If the Transmission System Fails

There are transmission system failures like slipping clutches and manual gearbox failure that must be repaired in time. The automatic transmission systems are also prone to failure. You should get them serviced upon completing every 40,000 miles.

8. If the Ignition Coil Gets Damaged

The ignition coil in the car sends signals to the spark plugs for initiating operations. If it gets faulty, the car may become prone to costly damages in the ignition system.

9. If the Mass Airflow Sensors Needs Replacement

This is a device that checks the amount of air that enters the engine. This data helps the engine to calculate air to the fuel ratio of the car. For smooth running of your vehicle, get it properly replaced.

10. If the Spark Plugs Don’t Work

Being an important component of your car, the spark plugs should be replaced at regular intervals to sustain the vehicle performance.

These are the top 10 repairs that are commonly required for all vehicles.