How Do I Check My Oil and How Do I Know Its Time for an Oil Change?

When youre in the market for a new automobile, one of the biggest concerns people have is the nature, frequency and cost of vehicle maintenance. At the same time, those who are opting to purchase a previously-owned car are worried about having to spend on costly repairs. However, a fail-safe way to keep away from pricey engine repair is timely maintenance.

Peruse through this guide to understand the subtle intricacies of routine engine checks and become...continue reading

What Type of Coolant to Use for Your Car?

Maintaining the right level of fluids is an important aspect in the maintenance of your car. Many car owners only care about the engine oil and often overlook the coolant during car maintenance. Coolant is an important fluid in your vehicle that keeps the engine cool and also protects engine components from corrosion attacks. You need to use the right type of coolant in your car. But, many car owners dont know the right type of coolant to use in their car. Here, we have provided...continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Leasing Your Next Vehicle

When youre thinking about staying somewhere just on a temporary basis or you want to go in for another vehicle, leasing can be an option that you might want to consider. A concept that is up and coming among the youth of today, leasing has gained a lot of momentum across the country, making it a good choice to consider. Before actually plunging into the process, it is crucial to know all that it has in store. Here are a few positives and negatives of leasing that might...continue reading

How Should I Inspect a Used Car?

Buying a used car can be a pretty big deal if you dont know where to start. This decision entails a lot of inspections and an endless trail of formalities. With proper planning and research, you can cut down your chase to the bare minimum. Here are some tips that can help you find the best vehicle to fit your needs and budget.

Go Through the Papers

Before initiating the purchase process for a used car, you should closely inspect the papers attached to it. This helps in understanding...continue reading

5 Dangerous Driving Habits to Change

No matter how advanced the safety features are in your vehicle, it is hard to avoid accidents if you drive dangerously. There are many dangerous driving habits that can make you prone to road fatalities. You can avoid these habits to stay safe by remaining attentive and responsive to real-time road conditions. Here are five such dangerous habits that you must break right away.

1. Not Using a Seat Belt

In many road accidents, it is found that drivers wearing seat belts are far...continue reading

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